Professional Resume

Professional Resume

Welcome to our professional resume section of the best sample resumes. There are a few kinds of resumes, which can be categorized into the traditional academic one, which is in a chronological format and then, the kinds wherein you highlight something very specific to attract attention towards that particular point. The highlighting of specific points helps the recruiters to spot your resume amongst the many they see throughout the day.

Resumes can basically be meant for two things, professional purposes or for personal purposes i.e. the non-employment kinds. However, the purpose of writing resumes remains the same and they have to be written in a professional format only. This is the main point to remember while writing your resume, because companies are only looking for professional resumes.

Though not much creativity can be displayed in formal resumes, still, there are many unique ways with which you can get your message across to the employers. One thing to remember is that the recruiters rarely read your resume. They only sift through some main points. Therefore, a good format is necessary that will highlight your resume skills.

Since the recruiters only roughly see the resume, visual attributes gain a lot more importance. What matters here is the way you actually format the resume, in terms of using the font face and font size, bullets or dashes, etc. It has to be same throughout and free of ambiguity. This will make you resume readable and grab the attention of the recruiter.

There are many sites that offer you ready-made and yet customized resume writing services, but it is not that necessary. If you study about the company and the particular job profile well, you do not have to depend on such services. You can write out your own resume just like the professional resume writers do. Even the examples given on our website are easy to understand and follow. They will prove to be useful while writing your own resume.

Only homework you need for drafting a good resume is putting together your skills and abilities and then judging on the job requirements to customize the draft. Remember, there is no set format for writing a resume, though the contents are the same, viz., objective, educational qualification, work history, and extra curricular activities. This same content has to be written so they make your resume stand out.

This section is created for job professionals to provide information on how to write a professional resume. We have also provided many free samples of the professionally written resumes. These resumes can be used to create a good looking and very professional resumes.

On the left hand side, you will see two sections. First section is created for learners. Here we have many articles on how to make a good resume with examples. Also provides the information about professional resume writers and services. Choosing a professional resume service or a writer is very important. We have provides tips on how to do that.

Also, don't forget to take a look at the resume writing tips, advice and cover letters. These are other useful tools that will increase the overall impact of the resume. These addition aides are also important and play an important role in getting an interview. We have sections on them as well, so you can go through them. In fact, you can write something like a cover letter as well to accompany your resume. Our examples are simple and easy to understand.

Second section on the left hand side is for the specific professional resume styles. These are the samples of resumes for various types of job designation like sales, marketing, accounting, HR, finance, technical, student, customer service and many others.

We have tried our best to provide some best professional looking resumes. If you are looking for something which is not present, either search for the site or just write to us. We can even make professional resumes examples for you. Just mention a few important details that you would like in the resume and leave everything to us. We will deliver a resume exactly according to your requirement.

Last but not the least, don't forget to include a professional resume cover letter with your resume. Cover letter is very important for your job interview. It provides you the first impression and what to expect from your resume. A professionally written cover letter can increase your chances many fold to get that interview call. A cover letter has proven to increase the chances of getting an interview, as the interviewer gets a preview of sorts about your personality. So write a good one. You can see some samples of them here as well.

Professional Resume Sample 1

Sample Professional resumes run the scope, so it is very simple to obtain info overload when attempting to search one that well outfits your knowledge and achievements. When we imagine the professional resume, 2 things appear. The 1st is creating resume that appears professional or practiced. The 2nd the sorts of info the professional will mention in their resume.

Here we are providing one sample professional resume :

Richard Anderson
1234, West 67 Street,
Carlisle, MA 01741,
(123)-456 7890.

Objective : Innovative design professional prepared to add experience, fresh graphic creativity to your team to generate superior quality advertising and promotional operations, using advanced technologies and mutual devising strategies.

Job Profile :

  • Inventive conceptualist with intelligent eye for new methods and progressive design modalities; identified for generating highly efficient results.
  • Very proficient specialist in image-manipulation with a broad & progressive experience and mastery of colour re-production, digital re-touching and colour-correction.
  • Innovative designer with incomparable design skills and thorough attention to details.
  • Dual-platform and multi-tasker wholly up to date in PC & Mac environments with proficient in most commonly utilized graphics & designs.

Skills :

  • Illustrator
  • QuarkXpress
  • ImageReady
  • Freehand
  • MS Word
  • PowerPoint
  • InDesign
  • HTML
  • GoLive
  • FrontPage

Work History :

Graphic Designer (2000 - Present)
Internet Production Services, Chicago, Illinois

Responsibilities Includes :

  • Created greatly visual graphic designing and replica-quality artwork for ad and selling materials, with logos, catalogues, brochures and direct-mail sections, giving unique, inventive design answers to meet varied client requirements.
  • Produced custom-made graphics and prepared images for advertisement stuffs and Websites, making wide color and tonal improvements and renovating utilizing several artwork applications.
  • Managed innovative strategies that every time meet fixed budgetary and arrangement challenges.
  • Suggested and created inventive campaign designed to trap new customers, resulting in constant 90% achievement rate.
  • Worked out and assisted fresh Website design using specialty in image study to meaningfully improve visual impact.
  • Planned and executed a fresh archival system for well-organized storage of pictures and all documents, and re-formatted files to satisfy with a new system.

Self-employed Graphic Artist (2000 - 2002)
Best Graphic Design, Chicago, Illinois

Responsibilities Includes :

  • Produced fresh designs and arranged layouts from the client- provided visuals, models and sketches, creating successful finishing products, distributed on time and in budget.
  • Offered enhancement and parallel processes to revise customers fundamentals.

Production Artist (1997 - 2000)
Duncan Team, Chicago, Illinois

Responsibilities Includes :

  • Utilized new design methods to create brochures.
  • Produced both face and internal sheet layouts.
  • Used knowledge in an Adobe Photoshop to improve, boost, and colour-correct images using detailed knowledge and skilled understanding of colour theory to create slight colour changes.
  • Optimized multicoloured files and thorough selection of equipment, for client-specific print quality, to guarantee first-rate conclusion product by synchronizing computer graphic design with printing procedure.
  • Ready files for pre press production, including colour separation, trapping, trim & bleeds.

Education Details :

Bachelor of Arts (Fine), West Technical Association, Chicago, Illinois
Pre-press Output Tech., West Technical Association, Chicago, Illinois

Professional Resume Sample 2

No job-hunter should yet be without the well-built resume, so we've produced few samples of professionally- polished resumes only for you at free of cost.

Here one sample professional resume for you :

Richard Anderson
1234, West 67 Street,
Carlisle, MA 01741,
(123)-456 7890.

Profile : Program Manager (Executive-Level) with 15 years of experience in IT and the business management in both private and public area with main highlighting infrastructure administration, billing & telecommunication, Dealer management and Plan management.

Education Details :

M.Sc., Public Policy and Mngmt
University of Carnegie Mellon, Heinz School

Special Studies
University of Harvard, John E. Kennedy Gov. School

B.A. (English & History)
University of Rutger
Georgia Tech Institute, Computing College, IT Project Management Certified

Certifications :

2006, IT Infrastructure Lib. (ITIL), Foundation credential in IT Service Mngmt
2003, Project Management Prof. (PMP), Qualified through the Project Management Institute

Career Experience :

Executive Program Director (05/2006 - Present)
Current Employe

  • Responsible for the synchronized management of several connected projects aimed toward planned business and other managerial aims.
  • Built reliability, established rapport, and kept communication with the stakeholders at many levels, including those outside to organization.
  • Defined and started projects, and allocated Project Managers to direct cost, plan, and functioning of component projects, while performing to make sure the final success and approval of program.
  • Maintained constant position of program range with the strategic business aims, and made recommendations to change the program to improve efficiency toward a business end result or strategic goal.

Sr. Engagement Manager (05/2004 - 05/2006)
Solutions Execution, PSG

  • Handled client appointment services and result implementations.
  • Offered business consult, knowledge proficiency in strategic concert management methods, process evaluation work, and technologies application to business.
  • Promoted customer reliability by making sure that customers wholly use the worth of our services & solutions.
  • Kept customers existing profits spend and intentionally up sell other products, services.
  • Directed the synchronization of each implementation duty involving 3rd party vendors and provided consultation to customers on the system implementation.

Director (03/2002 - 05/2004)
LLC Consulting Services

  • Improved the company's development by protecting the new partners, asking schedule and by sending new projects.
  • Accountable for programs and range management doings within Sales & Marketing section.
  • Implemented and kept program management procedures and regulations in areas of : program plan and quality administration; management of communications; HR management; procurement management; cost management; risk management; amend management.
  • Oversaw employees in method and consulting brilliance and supported best perform in the project planning and management.
  • Handled budget for organization to control its financial effectiveness.

Director Consultant (08/1999 - 04/2002)
Capegemini Ernst and Young, Media, Telecom and Networks

  • Started office of Project Management at a client site.
  • Accountable for expansion of the new services and authorize business chances in allocated area.
  • Accountable for hiring, administration and development of the consulting personnel.
  • Offered project spin knowledge at customer place with importance on retrieval customer confidence.
  • Accountable for staff management, prioritization, forecasting.

Sr. IT Project Manager (05/1999 - 08/1990)
Pinnacle Softwares, Telecommunications Set

  • Expanded business cases with stress on IRR, NPV and ROI.
  • Handled price budget to assign in general cost estimation to individual duties.
  • Produced project status reports, managed the team and resolved day-to-day issues with emphasis on SDLC.

Affiliations :
Member of Project Management Inst., since 1991
Member of Toast masters International, since 2007

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Instead of professional resume samples, if you are looking for the templates, have a look at the following: Get some more help on creating your resume at our resume help section.

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