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Welcome to our accounting professional resume section of the best sample resumes.

Every well-trained Accountant/Auditor has a state-of-the-art resume specifying promotions, successes, and certifications. With increasing opportunities in field and approving job development, it is smart to be ready. Your accounting professional resume should be perfect proof to your industrial skills and proficiency.

Your accounting professional resume is the first chance to trap an interest of hiring manager and clear the first level. It must emphasize each quality of a winning Accountant : knowledge, detailed attention, professionalism, and success history.

That means, accounting professional resumes have to go beyond mentioning your recordkeeping, budget skills, and your cost analysis knowledge and introduce you completely with your professional success.

The majority people that try to write their resumes on their own 'undersell' themselves. From an entry level to the executive level, people don't show their achievements on resume.

Before you start writing an accounting profession resume, ensure that you truly want to perform this independently. Nowadays there are several professional resume services and writers you may wish for hire to assist you.

Next, view some management, financial and accounting-related websites and books to assist you select the key words you want to highlight in your professional resume so that scan software accustomed to spot strong job applicants will not overtake you by.

Accounting professional resume have to focus on the varying role that professional accountants are likely to perform in today's financial organizations, businesses and corporations. Conventionally, the accountants have been assigned with the task of handling and maintaining all financial transactions of business, audit, and arranging tax proceeds and monetary statements.

But, accountants nowadays are expected to manage management duties and being specialists in ever more complicated accounting software.

Sample Accounting Professional Resume 1

This is a sample resume for an accounting professional featuring Mr. Richard Anderson's application for the post of an accountant. Let's observe some resume samples while applying for an accountant's post. The sample given below may provide an accurate idea that you need for writing an accountant's professional resume.

This sample resume for an accounting professional will offer you a quick start to write a successful resume for a job application. We expect that our free sample of professional resume will be able to expose your abilities and skill sets powerfully.

Richard Anderson
1234, West 67 Street,
Carlisle, MA 01741,
(123)-456 7890.

Career Objective : Seeking an accountant's post that offers a chance to use my knowledge of finance, professional skills, wide business experiences, and a knack to interact with the sr management and business society on a universal basis.

Qualification Summary :

Administrative Manager & Accountant of a mid-sized motor elements manufacturing and supply company providing to the state and the global markets.

  • Practical experience with organization of Licensed Public Accountants & Auditors
  • Public Accountant & Auditor Certification

Career Experience :


  • Handled, expanded, and kept all features of finance, foreign trade dealings, accounting, marketing and the data dealing with its offices in New York & London.
  • Managed budget, capital expenses & cash flow.
  • Analyzed, Reviewed and appraised finances concerning progress and shipping for customer support of about 240.
  • Maintained good relations with bank auditors, executives and attorneys, ensuring obedience with each regulatory body.

RABINEO PRODUCTS, Meadville, Pennsylvania

  • Established and executed business and project-oriented fiscal plans.
  • Offered financial summary and management for each main working concern and action, incorporating growth of business with profit plans.
  • Handled line administration for accounting, production estimate, EDP and financial functions.

MANNING, DAWE & BOND, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Reviewed private organizations, planned companies, corporations, and separate businesses.
  • Ready financial reports and schedules.

Education Details :

Pennsylvania University, Philadelphia

  • B.Com. (Accountancy, Marketing and Business Finance), 1981.

  • Sample Accounting Professional Resume 2

    This is a sample of an accounting professional's resume featuring Mr. Richard Anderson's application for the post of Accounting profession. Let's glance through some resume samples to apply for the post of accounting profession. The sample given below provides an accurate idea that you need for writing an accounting professional resume.

    This sample resume for accounting professional will offer you a quick start to write a successful resume for a job application. We expect that our free sample of professional resume will able to expose your abilities and skill sets powerfully.

    Richard Anderson
    1234, West 67 Street,
    Carlisle, MA 01741,
    (123)-456 7890.

    Career Objective :
    To pursue a profession in the financial field where budget skills are superior.

    Qualification Summary :

    • Over 16 years of advanced experience in budget control, sales & public relations.
    • Outstanding interpersonal and negotiation skills; skilled at resolving potential problems.
    • Established written & oral communication skills.
    • Flexible to fresh concepts & responsibilities.
    • Capable in managing different tasks concurrently.

    Work History :

    State Funds, Chicago, Illinois
    Accounting Assistant
    Responsibilities Includes :

    • Managing a $7M budget, payrolls, and staff of 310 people.
    • Attended state house conferences.
    • Acted as link with Budget Bureau.
    • Paid Treasury bills; ensured payroll coverage.
    • Determined emergency allotment requirements.
    • Used Hewlett Packard & IBM Computer Systems.
    • Assisted with the public relations, open/close monthly/annually budgets, and payrolls.
    • Discussed contract work.
    • Interfaced with the clients from seminars and determined requirements through achievement of services.
    • Acted as liaison between accountants.

    CRAVEN Ship, Midway Airdrome, Chicago, Illinois
    Budget Director

    • Planned and managed $7M budget and payrolls for major divisions and subsidiaries.
    • Discussed contracts with air cargo organizations running directly with the owner.

    NANETTEE Production, Elsah, Illinois
    Budget Director

    • Started a fresh budget for the innovative company.
    • Made sure proper use of money for payrolls.
    • Managed all office tasks using IBM Computer Systems.

    Education Details :

    Bachelor Degree (Business Management)
    University of Western Illinois, Macomb

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