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Welcome to our entry-level professional resume section of the best sample resumes.

Are you looking for a fresh job? Whether you are fresh graduate or want to switch careers, looking for an entry-level post can be a daunting task. But keep in mind, applying for a fresh job must be an exciting and pleasurable time.

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises." Demosthenes
So enjoy this new moment and moving phase of your life.

How to create/write an entry-level resume?

It's very essential first make clear what resume is and how it should be utilized. Resume is nothing but your sales document. So it must be planned to display your features (expertise & qualities) and help the hiring manager towards 'finalizing the deal'. In your resume, you should highlight your skills that will help a potential company in achieving its goals.

This is mainly why resume should be adapted to the particular position and organization that you are applying to.

Career Objective :

For entry level professional resume, a quality career objective is very helpful. Career objective should be particular and brief. It must put the step for your winning entry level application.

Qualification Summary :

One more main feature of entry level professional resume is a "Qualification Summary". This section must include 3-4 bulleted sentences that support any accomplishments or personal expertise that are appropriate to position. While the Career Objective lets know the potential employer what it's that you are seeking, the Qualification Summary allows a potential employer to rapidly judge you as a perfect person.

Work History :

If you don't have much experience, consider your class projects. Commonly, companies such as sororities & fraternities can offer sizable chances to employ in 'real world' industry scenarios, such as the budgeting. Such types of activities are usually interesting and applicable to your future jobs application.

Entry-level Professional Resume Samples

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