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Florence Baront
222 North Wolfe Road,
Baltimore, Maryland 21255 ,
410 111 1212 .

Summary of Qualification :

Over 20 years experience in medical settings offering nursingcare to newborns, children and youngsters. Learning experience offering medical assistance and training to the nursing students on children/adolescent med-surge units.

Work Experience :

Aden Brown Children's Clinic, Baltimore, Maryland
Clinical Nurse-I
(2004 - present)

  • Demonstrated concern to each adolescent on 24 bed IMC Surgical facility.
  • Responsible for release of nursing care offered by coworkers and contribution in trained practice form and unit-based groups.

Clara Barton Nursing School, Baltimore, Maryland
Instructor, Pediatrics

  • Offered clinical assistance and training to step up and conventional students on the Adolescent Medical-Surge facility at Aden Brown Children's Clinic.

Aden Brown Children's Clinic, Baltimore, Maryland
Registered Nurse, Pediatric Unit
(Jun 2002 to Jul 2002)

  • Offered age-suitable nursing concern to infants/children on pediatric medical-surge facility at a JHCC with different diagnoses comprising cerebra palsy, congenital heart deficiencies, and diabetes, among others.

Thomas Brown Pediatric Health Clinic, Cambridge, Maryland
Nurse Manager
(Jul 2001 to Jul 2002)

  • Responsible for each patient care performs by RNs, NTs & LPNs for 20-bed inpatient, neuro-treatment unit.
  • Made sure superiority standards were repaired, done yearly and as - required functioning appraisals, and co- leaded CPAR development committee.
  • Sustained budget, conferenced prospective employees, mentored team and preparation for staff, unit and patientcare requirements.

Church Street Health Clinic, Boston, Maryland
Sr Staff Nurse I
(Mar 1995to Jun 2001)

  • Handled each aspect of medical supervision for 30-bed inpatient section.
  • Made plans for and offered nursing care to pediatric chief and the spinal cord damage patients.
  • Helped in managing staff to meet objectives and goals of division and institute.
  • Kept staff scheduling.
  • Taken part in organization committees and personnel development proposals and performance reviews.

Education Details :

University of Johns Hopkins
Nursing School, Baltimore, Maryland

M.Sc., Nursing, expected in May 2006
University of Boston, Baltimore, Maryland

B.Sc., Nursing, Cum Laude, 2002

Maine Area Monument Hospital School of Proficient Nursing, Augusta, Maryland
Nursing Diploma, 1985

Memberships :

Member of Sigma & Theta Tau, May 2005
Associate of Medical Informatics Asso. America, 2004 to present.
Member of Nursing Advocacy Team, 2003 to present.
Member of American Asso. of Neuro-science Nurse, 1999 to present.
Member of Asso.of Therapy Nursing, 1996 to present.

Certifications/ Licensure :

Certification in CCRN : ends Dec. 2009
Certification in CRRN : ends Dec. 2007
Registered Nurse Licensure : ends 2009

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